Hello and welcome to the official Website of the GoldenGhost community!

We are a small gaming community which was founded as a Dota 2/Supreme Commander 2 clan in October 2012 by Nausicaä, Ori, Crazy and Nyu.

Currently our main games are: Dota 2, Supreme Commander 2, Don't Starve Together, Rocket League, The Forest, Chess and Minecraft.

We have a Dota 2 team and we want to build up a CS:GO and a Rocket League team.

If you are interested in joining one of our teams, please sign up our Steam group and leave a comment or apply on our website.

A Teamspeak sever is also aviable. We are always happy about new members and friends!

Please don't forget to check out our Youtube-channel with a variety of content which we are currently about to create.

For any important things please message one of our admins.

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The Rules of our community
Story of the GoldenGhost