§01 Joining

Everyone can join our Steam group and play with us. Team members must have a website profile.

§02 Leaving

You can leave anytime. If you are a member of a team, do not forget to inform the captain.

§03 Clantag

It is recommended to wear our tag ["GG" - ] as soon as you are part of the Steam group.

§04 Respect

All members represent our community. So it is really improtant to be respectful to all your mates and opponents.

§05 Teamspeak

You need teamspeak3 to comunicate with the community and admins. If you abuse you rights on the sever, your rights will be removed.

§06 Website

Team members need an account on our website.

§07 Teams

Every team is managed by a captain who has a profile on our website. The captain is responsible for posting news about the results of his/her team.

The Rules of our community
Story of the GoldenGhost