The Story of golden Ghost:

Once upon a time, far far away, there was a wealthy kingdom. It was ruled by a wise and just king, who had three children: two twin sons and and a younger daughter.
Unfortunately a large epidemic broke out which killed a lot of subjects and even the king was ill. Dispite the best efforts of the court physician, the king died before he named his successor.
So an argument was started between the two sons over the inheritance, it was decided to split the kingdom in two parts, one son was would govern the east of the old kingdom, and the other the west.
However, both still wanted control of the full country and so they started a long war. The kingdom was nearly destroyed in this conflict and many people died, but neither side gained an advantage over the other.
The daughter was very desperate to end the war, so she went into the big forest in the middle of the old kingdom. There she prayed under an old oak where the kingdom was first founded and where legend said that the first king still watched over his empire.
After a few days she saw a golden ghost who told her that her brothers would find the right way.
Then, suddenly, a mysterious sickness spread amongst the soldiers.
The soldiers were so sick that they couldnÂ’t fight anymore, but neither son wanted to give up, and so they started to fight in a duel. They fought for so long that their shields and swords broke, so they started to fight with nothing but their fists.
When both couldn't fight anymore, they noticed the same golden figure that appeared their sister.
The golden ghost then showed them the victims of their war, both brothers saw the destroyed houses and the slain citizens and they recognized their mistakes.
The next day the daughter was crowned as the new queen and both sons went to a small monastery attoned for their guilt.
The queen then restored the kingdom back to it's former glory, and from then on, everyone knew the legend of the golden ghost who helps humans in great plights.
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Story of the GoldenGhost